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I was just wondering if I could use water softener salt? Because I know we have a 80lb bag of it in our basement and it would be a lot cheaper if that would be possible. it doesnt have any info on the box it just says Sodium Clhoride which is salt of course but I just want to make sure it would be ok to use for tanning prep, and pickleing ect... Thanks people

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NO, it has 20% other chemicals in it.

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In the last week this was posted go back and look.

Why save try to save 50 cents on salt. a bag of fine mixing salt is $3.00 so you will not be saving any money. If you cant afford salt, you cannot afford taxidermy.


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Where could I buy a bag of salt for $3.00? Is it driveways salt or just regular table salt?
btw Thanks for quick reply

Go to the local feed strore

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Just go down to the feed store (for livestock) and get yourself some fine white salt. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. It's the cheapest part of the industry.


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thanks guys for quick and super helpful answers. I was just using my moms table salt that comes in 1lb./container lol. hopefully I can get more this way.

Feed store

This response submitted by Paul on 02/13/2003. ( )

Agway feed, just brought 80# bags, $8.49 each. A little higher here in N.J.

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