Physiologic answer to why salt is so important

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Salt is important because it literally "bursts" existing skin cells in the dermis. Salt, ie, Sodium chloride or Potassium chloride (Na+ Cl- or K+/Cl-) will penetrate cell membranes to try and create an equilibrium or balance. In other words, the salt to water ratio will flow in and out of membranes until the inside of the cell and outside are equal.

When you apply excess amounts of salt to the skin cells, there is so much imbalance that the moisture within the cell crosses the membranes of the skin cells to the exterior causing the cell to dehydrate. Also the converse is true: There is so little salt within the cell that it penetrates so rapidly so that the contents within the cell are too much for the membrane, thus it bursts and loses all of its moisture.

This is why salt is bad for those suseptible to high blood pressure. The more salt you have in your blood stream, the more water retained to try and balance the ratio. This causes increased blood volume that puts pressure on the inner wall of your arteries.

I hope this explains what REALLY happens.


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This response submitted by Dan on 02/08/2003. ( Hasslehut )

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Nice to know, that why my bp is down.

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and why hides and salt do thier thing.

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I like the way you explained about salt,that's the way to explain things,keep putting your input in there, makes things more interesting THANKS AGAIN


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