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Can you share your knowledge on Aluminum Sulphate ground and don,t hold nothing back ok, temperature,ph etc.etc. will be waiting for your response.

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OK, here goes...

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Seriously? This chemical has many uses. But in a nut shell, it is used to increase acidity. It comes in grannular form, resin, and I think a plasma solution.
With respect to botony:

Aluminum Sulphate is often used to help acid loving plants grow better by lowering PH levels and making soil more acidic. When used as a supplement to a regular feeding program alkaline soil conditions can be corrected in order to provide plants the very best growing environment.
The term pH is a scientific measure of the degree of acidity or alkalinity. It stands for "potential Hydrogen." In fact, H+ (hydrogen ions) are what makes MRI's possible. You've heard of someone getting an MRI before right? MRI (magnetic resonance imaging works by displacing millions of hydrogen ions in human tissues via a very powerful magnet. It has revolutionized the diagnosis of herniated discs, vascular congestion, rotator cuff tears, etc. OOPS, I'm getting off topic again. Sorry. Now about pH:

A neutral solution has a pH number of 7.0
An Alkaline Solution (or Basic) has a pH number higher than 7.0
An Acidic Solution has a pH number lower than 7.0

Have you ever owned an aquarium with fish? Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Biphosphate are used to neutralize the fish water. pH is very important to most living creatures.

Aluminum sulphate and ferric chloride are the primary chemicals used in the coagulation process of water treatments too.
Water coagulation treatment is used to cause suspended particles to bind together so that they may be reduced to a sludge form and filtered from water.

Is there anything else you'd like to know? In terms of thermodynamics and chemical kinetics...the general rule is: increase temperature, increase reaction time, especially if you have a catalyst in speed up chemical reactions.


OOPS...I need to change one thing in the last post...

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What I meant to write above about thermodynamics:

"general rule is increase temperature, DECREASE reaction time."

Sorry, I get to typing really fast and don't always proof read.


Are you a chemistry teacher?

This response submitted by CHUCK on 02/10/2003. ( )

I sure got a brush up from my H.S. days ,thanks!And I said I'd never use all that info in the future.


This response submitted by Bill on 02/10/2003. ( )

What do you mean if you got a catalyst to speed up chemical reaction time,i didn't know you can add a catalyst, add what kind of catalyst, need more info? or examples.

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