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Submitted by Sherry on 02/14/2003. ( )

Bruce, I have been using the auto tanner, and was wondering what other kind of tanning oil I can use on the hides after I take them out of the tanner? I have been using the oil that came with the tanner but find no name on it. I don't like to put the oil in the tanner so I was looking for some kind to buy from one of the catologs I have, like McKenzie or Van Dykes. I find it takes longer to get the order from the autotanner supplier than I would like. Also the last time I ordered crystals form the supplier, it came with a bottle of clear liquid. Do you know what that would be? I never got that with my other orders. Nothing on the bottle at all. Thanks Sherry

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This response submitted by Carl Lewis on 02/14/2003. ( )

Hi sherry
That is odd that steve`s delivery. my order came thurs. and was ordered on mon.
I agree about the labels But I would guess if you called and talk to steve he would correct the problem.
I have found him really great to work with


This response submitted by Sherry on 02/14/2003. ( )

I am not complaining about his time, I guess I should of said in my post that I can order by automatic check from places like McKenzie, therefore saving the time it takes to send out the money order and then wait for my delivery. Sorry didn't mean to make it look like I was disatisfied. Sherry

Clear liquid?

This response submitted by John C on 02/14/2003. ( )

Call Steve and ask him! Clear liquid, hum, lets dee, Water? Soap?
Glycerin? Fomic Acid?

Test the pH, first thig, I learn in Hazmat clean up. Then you can determine what it is. And How dangerous it could be.

John C

This response submitted by Sherry on 02/14/2003. ( )

If you would so kindly give me Steves number I will call. I can't find his number or his address and can't even remember what his taxi supply name is. Never used PH strips, never had to with the auto tanner, thats all I ever used. I have only tanned a few hides coons and wt's. I'm not here to fight just learn. Probly going through the change, can't remember names much any more. LoL

The only other "Oil" option I could offer..........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/15/2003. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Call Steve at (800)542-9489. I'm sure he'll be glad to answer your questions.

As far as an alternative tanning oil goes - you may want to try using our Lite-Oil (LO-306) Oil as an Oil to swab on after the tan. Its considered very good when used with Steves Tanning crystals.

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