Using glycerine

Submitted by David Young on 02/14/2003. ( )

I read somewhere that glycerine can be used to produce a softer tanned hide. Can anyone tell me how to use it and if it works very well?

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It is a form of animal fat.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/14/2003. ( )

Nope, you were lied to. Its not good for leather. Why do you think the suppliers sell Tanning oils?


This response submitted by David Young on 02/14/2003. ( )

What I understand it does is that it leaves the finished hide feeling soft and moist but without the moisture. Also to preserve plants when you use them in your habitat.

sure it will

This response submitted by b bishop on 02/14/2003. ( )

feel that wat because it never dries. Listen to John C. ! he's right.

It's a non-drying oil!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/15/2003. ( )

It's not used for tanning because it never dries! And - it will migrate through the leather. It doesnt look good on your socks when you wear a pair of shoes!


This response submitted by abg on 02/15/2003. ( )

for transparent leather maybe

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