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Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 02/09/2003. ( )

I always use Ultra-soft to relax my salted skins, and today I was relaxing a particularly bloody deer cape and began to worry..

What keeps the hair from slipping while it's in the Ultra-soft? The Ph of the mixture is a high 7.0, and completely bloody now. It just seems like this would be a haven for bacteria, or does the salt coming off of the cape kill it?

I just was wondering!


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Hi Amy!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/09/2003. ( )

Bacteria need darkness, heat and moisture to grow ideally. So a high PH wont do it. However, you should always be concerned about a high PH because as it goes above a 7.0 it approaches 12 and 14 where dehairing takes place. In this case - dont be alarmed - Ultra-Soft Relaxer is extremely mild on the epidermis and is one of the better Relaxers available. Yes - left much too long eventually it will begin to pulp the epidermis and cause loose hair - but I've found that it is one of the few Relaxers that require some time for this to happen. Since it's basically a "Water Wetter" it contains no harsh other additives like other detergent type relaxers.

The Salt coming off the cape does not significently contribute to keeping the hair from falling out. In fact, Ultra-soft is best used without adding Salt or a Bacteriacide. Adding either one would only slow it down. The reason the hair stays tight is because you dried it first and tightened the roots of the hair, and are now relaxing it using a relaxer thats gentle on the epidermis holding the roots and doesnt pulp and soften it like detergents do.

This is one product we're very proud of! It's my top choice when I have to relax air dried skins or Africans! Always keep the Water temperature at lukewarm (Room Temp) to cool. Dont try to rush it through using hot water. Normally most skins and capes will fully relax within 8-12 hours. However, I usually put mine in at 5 PM - leave them overnight - and pull them out and rinse them at about 9 AM the next day. This goes for everything from Ermine to Moose!

If you need more info on this product - please e-mail me at

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