Submitted by rick on 02/10/2003. ( )

Just used krowwtan to tan a fox squirrel,followed the directions,rough flesh place in solution 3 days agitate everyday take out and neutralize,well the skin does'nt seem tanned its not white and theres no stretch plus its started to slip around the hind feet.What did i do wrong.I think im going back to DP for the small mammals.

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How did you go wrong?

This response submitted by John C on 02/10/2003. ( )

We can onlyguess how you went wrong. Maybe to much time handling the squirrel.

This is the first failure I have heard of, so it leads me to feel the squirrel was harmed before putting in the Krowtann.

I know this is been used very successfully, by many others. I use it also have not had any problem when the instructions are followed.

I suggest you go back to dp, since you were happy with it.

read carefully

This response submitted by wPope on 02/10/2003. ( )

im sure you have read the directions but just a reminder after you remove the hide from the solution after three days you soak it in water then neutrailize with baking soda and water for a few min thenwash in liquid tide" THEN DO THE FINAL FLESHING "this will allow you to see a clean white hide ready to mount. over the last year and a half i have mounted every thing from an elk to a chimpmunk with no problems with slippage so the last guy was probally right the hide was probally bad to start or you may have been a little rough .

follow instructions to a tee, and

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 02/10/2003. ( )

I am sure, if you follow intructions to a tee, you will have no problems. I just did the top half of a deer head cape, for a piece I am doing. The deer was a road kill, layed in the ditch for a week and a half, after I had noticed it. I was a buck someone had cut the antlers off above the burs, I seen that and had an idea, so I cut the head off, left it in the garage for three days, then brought it in the house, I have a cold storage area, and left it in there for two days, skinned and put it in the Krowtan and it is perfect. I have done a bobcat shot with buck shot, and was slipping, it stoped the slipages, squirrels, weasels,marten, red fox, and have had no problems,I do not know what is in it, but it works perfectly. The only WORRY I HAVE is, it's like the 100 mile a gallon carburator, someone will come along and buy the rights to it, and wallla, it will be gone.

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