Raw hide for dog chews

Submitted by Leo on 02/10/2003. ( leog@intekom.co.za )

Could anyone please assist me with information on how to prepare raw hide for use as dog chews from dry/wet salted cattle or antelope skins?

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This response submitted by Tony B on 02/10/2003. ( )

Flesh them dehair them bleach them cut them and let them dry
Good Luck


This response submitted by CHUCK on 02/11/2003. ( )

with laundry bleach?Won't it hurt the dogs stomach?


This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 02/16/2003. ( thepredator@gci.net )

Isn't the best thing to give dogs to chew on, it can cause a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. I know that they're very popular and very cheap, but I know a friend that lost a dog because of these. Give them raw beef knuckle bones from the supermarket and take em away when they chew em down too small!

Help dog addicted to raw hide.

This response submitted by linda on 05/11/2003. ( FlamingStarFire@yahoo.com )

I've tried everything. My doberman love, love, loves to chew. She wants and usually get raw hide daily. If I don't give her raw hide she pokes me so much in the stomach or wakes me up off the coach and barks until she gets something to chew on. I've tried everything, blankets, plastic balls, other types of bones but she's into them for 20 minutes and poking me and demanding again. She gets very bored. I have a 5 acre property that she runs in freely as we have a wire fense but she is constantly looking for something to do and chew on. Any help at all? I'm not sure what to do with her. She not happy unless she is chewing. Please help?

Bored dogs.

This response submitted by Seppy on 12/03/2003. ( )

Bored dogs need training. It is our faults as owners when our dogs drive us up the wall. I understand that people are very busy because I work full time and go to college. My dog gets bored when I get home because he wants to play and I am too tired. He can drive me nuts! I am determined to train him when I get home because then he has a job. Some times that is all they need to keep them calm. Training is great for the dogs physical and mental growth. Giving them a job (learning to roll over) will make them feel important and they will be doing something productive and not destructive.

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