Salted or Tanned

Submitted by Alan on 02/15/2003. ( )

I was wondering which way was best to store hides and skins for long periods of time. Is it best to leave them salted and dried or tan and then freeze. On the smaller skins I can Vacum pak them to take the air out I would asume this would make them last longer in the freezer but should I just leave them salted and in their green state instead?
Thanks for the help.

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definately tanned

This response submitted by Roger H. on 02/15/2003. ( )

Many a tannery will tell you to rehydrate the tanned hides then freeze them. Storing a dried hide will only cause problems down the road, grease burning and won't rehydrate properly. Green hides will eventually freezer burn, ear tips burn and are hell to split.


This response submitted by j on 02/16/2003. ( )

your skins will last alot longer if they are tand. When they are salted they tend not to frezze has much

how long

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 02/16/2003. ( )

a well wrapped green hide will last about a year or longer. I wont try to leave anything in freezer that long but it has been done.
I just put together a bobcat that had been in freezer for 5 years.
freezer burnt spotswere difficult to work with. It all depends how long you plan to store them. DONT salt then freeze it wont work. You can also salt them and air dry then store them. Keep in mind that humidity can rehrdrate them enough to cause problems.
It all depends how long you want to store them.
Hope this helped good luck

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