New to Tanning, Want to tan small sheep hides

Submitted by Katie Morgan on 02/16/2003. ( )

Hello everyone,
I raise Katahdin hair sheep, and I just had some 50% katahdins butchered that I bred and raised. The butcher saved the hides for me, and I pick them up wednesday. The wool has a LOT of hair in it, not a very high quality coat, and I thought I would tan the hides without any wool on them. I have never tanned anything, but I'd like to learn how. I thought that if I could make some leather products to sell, I might make a tad more profit on my market animals. I like to create things, so I thought it would be neat to try. The lambs were small, only about 50 lbs each, but I had to cut back on feeding costs. I looked through a bunch of your archives, but I haven't seen anything about removing a coat from lamb skins. I was hoping you could help me with some pertinant info. I saw references to 1-day tanning, wet tanning, dry tanning, salting, sawdust, chemical tanning, brain tanning, oak leaves, tannin, slipping, fleshing, taxidermy, dryers, Liqua Tan, capes, lutan-f, ez-100, shaving, Rehydrating, and EWE-TAN-IT Kits. I think I'm getting it, but I'm a little confused. I'd like to keep it somewhat simple. I did see that I can freeze it to keep them from going bad. Also, if you have some ideas as to things I could make, they would be appreciated.

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Bruce Rittel is your man.

This response submitted by John C on 02/16/2003. ( )

Rittels click on it and open his website. Bruce can tell you better than anyone can.

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