Are solariams worse for you that the Sun?

Submitted by Tess on 02/18/2003. ( )

hi i was just wondering is solariams do more damage to your skin that what the sun does. i am curious as to weather i should go to the solariam before my formal or if i should get fake tan put on.
Please help me!

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say what?

This response submitted by earl on 02/18/2003. ( )

I am curious, is your family involved in taxidermy? I am just wondering why you would post such a question here. I am sure there are a few folks that realy do know the answer though. Some may be able to give specific details as to why also. I am not one of those people. I hear that the tanning beds and sprays are safe, but thats what they say. I do know that the sun would be a safe bet if the democrats would let us replentish the ozone by making it, but they wont. It gives them something to gripe about. Here is something that I do know, drugs, alcohol, and boys are bad for you. Stay away from them! The drugs and alcohol will ruin your life, a boy can do that to. Yea, I know he says he loves you. When that boy gets fresh with you, slap him good! Dont forget to obey your parents, or guardian. They know more than they put on.Have fun, just say no, aids will kill you and dont forget, have fun.

tanning beds and stuff

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 02/18/2003. ( )

At any time you burn your skin you put yourself at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. There is no tanning bed on the market today that won't or doesn't cause skin cancer. If you want a tan use some of the tropical creams, safer and better.

Take a pill!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/18/2003. ( )

Actually the best method is to take the new "Tanning Pill" now on the market. No heat - no UV exposure, and it will give you that "just back from Florida" look that will amaze your friends.

Tanned Hide?

This response submitted by Winky on 02/18/2003. ( )

Um..I assume that this is a joke about tanning? Maybe someone has a question about what kind of spices are used in the pickel? What kind of shaving cream to use when shaving a hide? Exercises to do when stretching? And dont get anyone started on mounting questions..

google search

This response submitted by jen on 02/18/2003. ( )

lol i think someone wasnt looking clearly at what they were posting to,,, one time using to search this site, ( orange button is instant off button on old computers) it came up with some really funny things about skin and tanning as in sun tanning!

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