Question on tan quality

Submitted by Juli on 02/18/2003. ( )

I recently received a box of skins back from a tannery , and I am very upset at how they came out. I would like to know if the poor tan was my fault or the tannery's. One hide - a blue wolf - has almost no stretch at all. It is very stiff along the belly and discolored as well - not creamy but brown and rough in texture. The back seems to be fine except it also has very little stretch. THere are also several knife cuts from the round knife - most are small and easily repaired, but not what I would expect from a commercial tannery. when I skinned and prepped the hide I did not do a super thorough job of fleshing (left the thin saddle of meat along sides), but have sent wolves similarly cared for to other tanneries and they came back in good shape. Other hides include 12 marten - all dorsal skinned. These were in nearly perfect shape when I sent them with no holes in the bodies and all faces intact. upon inspecting them I have found only half without major flaws. Several have ears ripped out at the ear butt and two have no eyelids to speak of, I mean none. One marten has an ear completely torn out. Two lynx which were also in great shape when I sent them have numerous holes in the bodies. Another note is that the faces of the lynx and wolf were also poorly shaved at the tannery and have pieces of leather hanging from them.
I would like to know if I am entitled to any compensation for the poor quality of the tan or if I just have to eat my loss.
thanks, Juli

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Tell them to Replace the skins.

This response submitted by John C on 02/19/2003. ( )

call them and raise nine kinds of hell!1

That is sloppy workmanship.

YOu dont have to take this from them you hired the tannery to do a good job and sounds like some new flesher was training on them.

Either they send you new hides with in 14 days or take them to court!

They will offer some money, thats up to you, how bad will the mounts look with all these holes?

repair time?
They show pay for thier mistakes.

I disagree

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 02/19/2003. ( )

You mentioned leaving "saddle meat" etc. Thats grease when it comes to canines, no other way around it. The reasoning that it came out ok with other tanneries doesnt make the practice ok, just means you got lucky before. I also believe that some tanneries are better suited for garment work, tanning for display skins, and just small game all around. Its hard for a guy like me sitting at a computer to say for sure, though. I will say that I research my tanneries before I send stuff, and know which ones specialize. etc. Grease burned or poorly prepped skins cant be expected to be nice and stretchy. I would still contact the tanner and see what they have to say. I think it was decent of you to not mention their name until you spoke to them, and to admit things at your end. I hope its all resolved in a way that benefits you.

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