hair slipping

Submitted by dale on 02/18/2003. ( huntininbama )

had a deer come in the shop today that the hair is comeing out of the ears real bad is slipping and smells bad too i told the guy that it is not any good but would ask u guys i[expletive deleted]now of anything that can save it. i tan all my deer skins but scared to skin this one cause is slipping so bad in the ears. is a really nice looking cape on the deer a lot of black on its head and ears not many look like that here in alabama but i told him about it but thought i would ask all u guys here for some help first before i trashed it thanks a lot u guys r a lot of help most of the time

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Same Old Story

This response submitted by Rocky on 02/18/2003. ( )

They bring in rotten skins that they did not think about taking care of until they got to your door. Now, their lack of planning becomes your problem. If you spend alot of time skinning the head out and going through the whole tanning process to end up with nothing. You have nothing! Tell them you will charge them even if it doesn't turn out. Also give them the options of them paying for a different cape. Then explain the rapid process of putrefaction. Then maybe they will bring in their mounts before this process starts... And if they don't, CHARGE THEM! Good Luck

Why set yourself up for failure?

This response submitted by Roger E on 02/18/2003. ( )

Pitch it and replace the cape. I guarantee that if your process fails, in your customer's eyes, and in his later stories---it was YOUR FAULT

Dump it

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 02/19/2003. ( )

If it's slipping in the ears real easy, by the time you get it mounted it just maybe hairless. If your lucky it could be the only area that slips but if your tanning them and you not sure of how capes are handled (like this bad one) just tell them no thanks and sell them a new one.
I've had a few capes come into my shop with some question on them but none were slipping just smelled bad and you can see some green on the inside of the cape. They taned up good but I did these guys by themselves to be sure I didn't contaminate the good hides.
Keep the hide and try it but sell the client a new one first. If you tell him that your going to try it and it slips all over your going to get the blame for it no matter what you say.

thanks guys

This response submitted by dale on 02/19/2003. ( huntininbama )

thanks for the help guys i did tell the guy that it was bad and he was ok with it but though i would ask and see if anyone has saved one like that cause i never have but might give it a try and see if it skins out with the hair still on it but i dont think it will thanks for the help anyway u guys r a lot of help

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