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bruce, i have searched the archives and i am a little worried about over tanning with lutan f. i read in an earlier post by you that 16 to 20 hours is plenty for a bear to be in the tan. is there a way to check it after 16 hours, or less? i do not have a wet drum. im using a 30 gallon can. also how long for thick hides like beef and moose. my last question is, can i tumble with oderless mineral spirits after the oil has penetrated, then mount. (skipping the drying prosess)thanks for your help, lee

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There is no sure way to check!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/19/2003. ( )

There is no sure way to check for a full tanning using Lutan F (N). However - if you do not tan beyond 24 hours you can reasonably be sure that the skin is thoroughly tanned. Over 24 hours - you lose stretchiness and the chemicals in the fibers begin to cross-link.

Even on thick skins such as Buffalo and Moose - the 24 hour rule applies. I usually use it 16-20 hours and it has always been reasonably accurate. I tan anything from a Weasel to a Moose using 16-20 hours. With no problems.

And yes! If you want to "Wet Tan" - simply pull the cape from the tanning solution - rinsde it well with water - then drain it for 30 minutes - apply your tanning oil - fold and allow the oil to soak in for 3-4 hours - then tumble it in sawdust with Odorless Minewral Spirits added - blow it off and freeze it until you are ready - or mount it right away.

thank you bruce

This response submitted by lee on 02/19/2003. ( )

thank you so much, that cleared up everything for me!thank you

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