Can I substitute EZ-100 for Kwik-n-EZE

Submitted by Carl Lewis on 02/20/2003. ( )

Does anyone know if i can use EZ-100 instead of the KWIK-N-EZE in with the tanning crystals in my aouto tanner?
I thought one was a by product from the other,

Thanks for any help

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Partly true!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/20/2003. ( )

What you say is partly true. Our Rittels KWIK-N-EZE paint-on tan does use EZ-100 as its tanning agent. However, the KWIK-N-EZE also has an Oil additive. Yes - you can use the EZ-100 in the Auto Tanner - but be sure you use a swab on Oil after tanning to make up for the lack of it in the tan.

I would recommend adding EZ-100 to your solution using 1/2 Oz. to every 1 Quart of your tanning crystals solution.

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