residual tan or salt residue

Submitted by Aaron on 02/22/2003. ( )

After tanning two elk back skins I have noticed that there is a large amount of white dust locked in the hair. After the first hide I thought that it was salt residue. I just compleated the second skin and when I shook it out it looked like a blizard. It left a pile of white dust on my driveway. I live in Southern California and I had to wash it off quick before the anti war folks out here trampled me thinking I dropped a kilo. The powder feals like lutan F. My method of tanning is:
Salt dried skin compleatly.
rehidrated over night.
placed in safte acid pickle, stired and checked ph atleast three times a day.
pulled after three days and thined, cut elevendy hundred holes in hide with mini flesher. Placed back in pickle for three days (to busy to tan).
neutralized for twenty minutes and rinsed.
tanned with lutan F. one oz per pound of wet drained weight of hide with three quarts of water and one cup of salt for twenty hours checking ph.
rinsed and sowed elevendy hundred holes. then oiled and let dry.
I hadn't noticed this problem with other skins I had tanned. Just curious about the powder. Thanks for any asistance.

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Have I read your post correctly?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/22/2003. ( )

If I read your Post correctly - your tanning formula is:

For every 1 Lb. of wet drained skin weight, you use:

1 Oz. of Lutan F (N)
3 Quarts of Water
10.7 Ozs. of Salt (that's what 1 cupful equals in weight)

Your formula is "basically ok - but you do tend to use an awful lot of Salt - and you should use much less. The Lutan F isnt the problem -it usually depletes itself by bonding to the protein - but the Salt would definitely cause a residue used that heavy! I would also go to 2 Quarts of Water/1 Lb. of Skin Weight.

Try this formula.

For every 1 Lb. of Wet Drained Skin Weight, add:

1 Oz. of Lutan F (N)
2 Quarts of Water
5 Ozs. of Salt (this is equal to about 3.75-4.0 fl. ozs. if you use a cup to measure it instead of weighing it).

AND - always rinse the skin with plain water thoroughly after tanning to again remove any residues. I know you said you did it - but always double-check yourself.

Thanks Mr. Rittel

This response submitted by Aaron on 02/22/2003. ( )

Yes sir, you read my post correctly. I will use your new formula and thanks agian for all of the great advice you have posted here. The quality of my tans have greatly increased after fallowing your advice espicially with the tanning times. Thanks again.

A miscalculation!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/22/2003. ( )

Aaron - change the amount of salt to -

1 Oz. of Lutan F (N)
2 Quarts of Water
3 Ozs. of Salt (I miscalculated how many fl. ozs. of your cup it would be - it should read 2.25 fl. ozs. to weigh 3 Ozs. by weight)

I am sorry - it was a "slip" of the mathematics!


This response submitted by Aaron on 02/23/2003. ( )

Thanks again for all your help.

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