Fleshing and Tanning

Submitted by Brian McDonald on 02/22/2003. ( wci@webshoppe.net )

Wildlife Creations Taxidermy offers wholesale services to taxidermist. Fish and birds are 2 of our services but the most popular is our fleshing and tanning. Ship us your frozen deer capes and we will turn lips and ears, pickle and shave, and wet tan your capes. The cost is $50 per cape. We have already processed about 400 capes since December. Turn around time is approximately 2-3 weeks after we recieve your capes. Rush orders can be completed for 15% extra. We have many satisfied customers and guarantee our work. Email us or call our studio mon-fri 8am-6pm central time. We are located in Alabama. References available upon request.

Thanks and God Bless
Yours In Christ
Brian McDonald

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Good service!

This response submitted by J. Adams on 02/24/2003. ( jadams@intat.com )

I am only a few of the 400 he's done since December, but I will continue to use them in the future. Brian and his staff have done a great job for me.

Wildlife Creations...Sounds Good? Read Below

This response submitted by Inquiring Taxidermist on 02/24/2003. ( )

Before I thought about sending my capes to Wildlife Creations I did a little research in the archives. Besides his one or two buddies out ther some folks had some undesirable but yet interesting things to say about Wildlife Creations. In my opinion these other taxidermists didn't not seem to happy with Wildlife Creations, I dont think I will be sending anything of mine to him.

All I can speak of is my limited experience

This response submitted by j. adams on 02/25/2003. ( )

I don't know that I would consider myself one of his buddies as I have only done a small amount of business with him, but so far, I've been happy. I looked for references myself before using him and could find nothing good or bad in the archives. It sounded "to good to be true" so I had a couple of nervous weeks waiting on the first batch, but so far, so good.

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