fleshing for a tannery

Submitted by jason on 02/22/2003. ( )

do you flesh a cape for the tannery. Or just skin him out and split the lpis ears eyes. And salt it. Thanks for the help

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Ask the tannery.....

This response submitted by b bishop on 02/22/2003. ( )

they all are a little different on how they want the items to come in. Some charge alot per hour to do EXTA work to your capes or furs. Brad

Remove meat anf fat...

This response submitted by Paul on 02/23/2003. ( Paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

I flesh the face good, that means around the nose, lips, eyes and ducts, around the ears, remove all red meat and fat on a beam with a knife, then double salt heavely. Fleshing means just that, not thinning the hide, thats what the tannery does. When you do a good job at this point the salt gets right to the hair roots and locks them in faster. Never have slipping problems like I here on these forums. A little more time spent seems to be insurance that a cape will always ture out good in the end. If a cape is iffy, It has a better chance to slip at a tannery then at home, you can keep an closer eye on your single job than the bulk of jobs a tannery does at a time. I work part time and the 35 jobs I've sent out to the tannery and tanned myself , one cape had a dime size slip area, I actually think it was from ticks, and one cape was left around for 6 days, started to smell from excess blood and decay came back great. I spend about an hour and a half to two hours just turning and fleshing a cape, but I think its the most important step of the whole process to insure a good final product...Paul


This response submitted by os on 02/27/2003. ( )

cant be a taxidermist asking this question

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