looking for tannery in Canada

Submitted by K.W. on 02/22/2003. ( info@furever.com )

I am looking for a tannery in Canada that specializes in sheep. I am interested in purchasing whole sheep's hides with medium and long hair on. If anyone know a good tannery that is also fair in their prices please let me know. Thank you. K.W.

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Contact Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/23/2003. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Contact these people for info on a Tannery they may already use. Their phone # is (613) 257-2714 in Carleton Place, Ontario. They are one of our Distributors for our Sheepskin Tanning Kits in Canada. I'm sure they would be very willing to help you.

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