How much salt in a pound

Submitted by JJ on 02/25/2003. ( )

I send most of my tanning out but I am doing my own yote shoulder mount w/cream tan. I have my old formic acid recipe. Here's my question: How much salt is in a pound as a general rule. I dont have a scale handy. My directions call for 1 pound salt to 1 gal water. Anyone got a good equivalent? My salinometer is broken and I wont be getting a new one for this project.

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right around a pound!

This response submitted by cyclone on 02/25/2003. ( )

Yuk, yuk....

Seriously though, that would take about 30 seconds to roughly figure out. Isn't a stick of butter about 1/4 lb? 4 sticks of butter on a crude balance and add salt to the other side until it balances....

add the salt to the pickle not the butter...

No idea, but......

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 02/25/2003. ( )

Go to the grocery store and purchase a known weight of salt 1 pound, 5 pounds, ect. Then simply take a measuring cup to find the amount of dry volume in ounces for the amount of salt you purchased. If necessary simply compute to find how many ounces a 1 lb. unit of dry measure of salt would be.

one pound of salt is 1.5 cups

This response submitted by matt on 02/25/2003. ( )

1.5 cups of salt is a pound

Thank you Matt

This response submitted by JJ on 02/25/2003. ( )

Also thank you to the comedians and scientists.I know its a dumb question but I had to get my salted hide out of the shop and in a vat fast. My house is for sale and hides laying around the shop just isnt appealing to future buyers. I have a showing tomorrow so now I can pickle away.


This response submitted by cyclone on 02/25/2003. ( )

you could have done it with a homemade balance and any item that you know for sure is 1 lb....

JJ there are 45 (Fluid) ounces in one pound

This response submitted by BC on 02/26/2003. ( )

JJ, for a straight answer I assume you were wanting to know the volume of salt. Hope I was of some help.

The right answer!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/26/2003. ( )

The right answer is 1 Lb. is equal to 1 1/2 level cupfuls (or 12 fl. ozs.) if you use a Bakers measuring cup like the kind your girlfriend or wife would use to make a cake!

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