Am I going to save money or am I wasting my time tanning

Submitted by loons2 on 02/26/2003. ( )

I have always split, turned, fleshed, and salted my capes and sent them to a commercial tannery. After spending any were from 35 to 50
dollars a cape (depending on turn around time) on 200 plus capes a year I figure there has to be a more cost effective way to tan my capes. Since I already flesh and salt I am part way through the tanning process so the extra time spent finishing the tan should save me money. RIGHT?. Or am wasting to much time for what is worth?I would like to Here from anybody who has faced this decision.

I have one more question: I am trying the Lutan-f process and like it very much . I have noticed I dries a little tighter than the commercial tans use. Is this normal? Do I need to let my heads dry longer than my commercial tanned heads?

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This response submitted by Bill M on 02/26/2003. ( )

Personally I can make more money per hour mounting than I can tanning-so I take some extra work to make the money to do the tanning, (if that makes sence to you). I have tanned with Ez tan , liqua tan and recntly krow tan and like the capes I get with each. They do require quite a bit more dryiing time than the commercial capes but I haven't tanned with lutan in years so I can't comment on that. Again it depends on the individual- how well you use the shaving machine and whether you'd be shaving or mounting.

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This response submitted by jim on 02/26/2003. ( )

If your time is worth more that $4.00 an hour you can not afford to tan your own skins and be a professional, full time taxidermist and make a decent living for yourself. Its a good skill to have and be there when you really need it otherwise its a penny saved and dollars lost. Been there done that, KNOW that.


This response submitted by the man along the Sk.river on 02/26/2003. ( )

If all your ever going to mount is deer heads maybe you dont need to tan but if your going to go further and do rugs maybe you should tan


This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/28/2003. ( )

On what you think your time is worth. I haven't tanned anything for over 30 years, I let the people who do that take care of it. They charge me $25 per cape. My shop time is worth $35 an hour to me, so if I could completely tan a cape in less than a hour I'd do it myself. I can't. My time is better spent mounting stuff and leaving the tanning to them.

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