Beginner interested in rabbits

Submitted by Jeremiah on 02/27/2003. ( )

I am interested in tanning my own rabbit furs. However, I do not know anything about taxidermy. I have been browsing through the discussions on this board, but I am still a little lost. Can anyone point me in a good direction? Also, are rabbits a good starting point in all of this?

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learn to use search

This response submitted by dave on 02/27/2003. ( )

on the left hand side of the page is a orange button marked search, if you click on it and type in key words, like "tanning", "rabbit", or any other key word you can think of, there is many years of info on all topics. good luck, and if you dont find the answer AFTER looking, repost your question and someone will answer, but I suggest you start off with "looked in archives, but its not there". Good luck Dave

thanks dave

This response submitted by Jeremiah on 02/27/2003. ( )

Hey thanks, I was unaware that there was a frame I wasn't seeing. I searched yahoo to find this messege board and I did not enter it through the main site. Thank you again -Jeremiah

Type "Rex Rabbit fur" in the search box ...

This response submitted by Brandon on 02/27/2003. ( )

for a detailed response on tanning with EZ 100.
hope it helps,

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