2 part question

Submitted by JT on 02/28/2003. ( )

I just got a new fleshing machine and when pulling the cape across its only cutting about 1/2 inch wide strips at a time,Im sure its a gaurd adjustment problem but its set now where a good amount of the bladis already exsposed. Any thoughts on what I might be over looking? And the 2nd part of the question, I pickle with saftee acid and I usally picle,flesh,return to pickle for a day and then tan. How many times can I take ouy of the pickle and return it as long as I dont nuetralize

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Fleshing part

This response submitted by George on 02/28/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

JT, the guards have a different radius than the blade itself, which requires you to find and adjust it to your "sweet spot" of comfort. Once you have the guards in place, the back or right guard should be ALMOST flush with the blade edge. The inner or left guard should be right along the cusp of the sharpening cut. Once this is set, the "pitch" of your cutting edge has to be dressed with your dressing tools. This edge can be lifted to take a bigger bite or tuned down to shave a thinner edge. Ideally, a shaving swath should be almost 2 inches wide and from 6 to 8 inches in length.


This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 02/28/2003. ( )

If you are pulling the cape straight across the blade, you will get a small cut. You have to "wrap " the cape around the blade. Once it is adjusted, as George instructed, it will be easier.

answer to part 2

This response submitted by eric on 02/28/2003. ( patti@syclone.net )

i personnally on a number of occassions have removed capes from the pickle (saftee acid) flesh for a short period then return (because of work calls etc.) and come back and flesh several days or even weeks later.....i currently have a deer cape that has been in there for approx. 2 months now that has been removed several times and worked on (by my 11 year old son) and its still fine....just got to keep an eye on the PH and ensure you mix it once a day (min)
good luck

Back guard

This response submitted by os on 03/01/2003. ( oldshaver@yahoo..com )

In my opinion, your back guard should have just as much blade exposed as in the front. The only difference is that the bottom of the back guard [half inch] needs to go past the blade itself. The main reason for kicking out the bottom of the back guard is to keep you from pulling deep lines in the skin. Your left guard should be set to cut at about7:30 to 9:00 using the hour hand of a clock. Maybe 9:30 at the highest. Sometimes the circumference of your new blade prevents you from making the adjustments you need. If your new to the fleshing machine , Georges method would be better. An over reach with that right hand is a mother!

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