sponsorship opportunity at Oxford University!

Submitted by will on 02/28/2003. ( willit@hotmail.com )

I'm an art student at Oxford university, and am making a large canoe to be stretched with raw animal hide. Quality doesn't matter. Can you help me obtain 30-40 skins of cow, horse, buffalo or pig? ? Any supplier (or even donor) will be included as a main sponsor in the catalogue of this high profile exhibition. Any help or advice gratefully recieved.

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Contact an abattoire in England

This response submitted by PA on 02/28/2003. ( )

I am sure you could contact an abattoire in England and they would give you 30-40 complete fresh hides in the raw state for your project. I would take a very large truck to pick them up though - a fresh cow hide will have a weight of about 100 lbs. In the raw state they are only worth perhaps 5-10 dollars.

nope first problem is its Oxford, Clinton almamater

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The Undemocrate

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