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Submitted by Brent on 01/01/2004. ( )

John, I haven't ever done any hair-off tanning. Everything I have tanned in the auto tanner has been hair on. I have a customer that brought me a deer and the skin is ruined and gonna need a new cape.(I tried to tell him on that 90 degree opening day before he took a water hose to it and didn't get it in the freezer for HOURS after he killed and skinned Any way not a big deal as I have another cape to sell him. My question is this: can I finish wiping the hair off, rinse it and tan it as normal in the auto tanner? I am thinking yes, no big deal just wanted to ask you since mikem told me you had an auto tanner.


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This response submitted by Brent on 01/01/2004. ( )

yes, to make some buckskin. (Thought I would throw that in so George didnt' think I meant I wanted to mount it...LOL!)

I don't know, but it should work.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/01/2004. ( )

All I can say is it should work, if the hair is slipping that easy I would do just what you said. wipe the rest of the hair off and run it, same mix of chemicals, Then let it drip dry, when its damp, use a mix of bisulfanated tanning oil and hot water 50/50, paint it an then rub it in. Once the oils is absorbed, rub it, wrinkle it, wad it up and work it to make it soft.


This response submitted by Brent on 01/01/2004. ( )

ok, thanks John,.....I figured it prolly would work but wasn't positive. I have done some pretty nice flat skins and got em pretty soft. I have been wanting to do some buckskin, but haven't bought the hair-off kit yet.....this came in so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it..

Thanks for input

Let us know how it turns out?

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/01/2004. ( )

I am pretty sure it will work, just let us know!

Hey Brent

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 01/02/2004. ( )

I think you'll probably be disappointed with the results.

When a skin rots, the fibrous structure that makes it tannable is destroyed.

This is why the old addage "Good leather is made in the beamhouse". Tanning potential for any particular skin is saved or lost in the first 24 hours after death. A mishandled skin may be "salvaged" for a particular use, but the effects of the mishandling can not be reversed.

You could hit it hard with lye or baking soda, peel the layers that are going to fluff up, and stretch it to the max on a rack. That's how the old timers made windows for the cabin. Or drum/tambourine heads.

Anyway, the tan-ability question is going to depend on just how damaged the skin is.

well dang!

This response submitted by Brent on 01/03/2004. ( )

ok, well I will heed your advice Steve.....I am glad you told me this before I went thru the trouble. I guess I will buy one of them hair off kits to make me some buckskin. I truely appreciate your expertise. I am gonna call you in a couple of days to order some more tanning crystals......I have a bunch of flat skins to do. A guy brought me 25 he wants done. Gotta say steve, I love my Auto Tanner- - "Your the man!"

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