Capes wont dry ?

Submitted by ibb1gdaddy2 on 01/06/2004. ( )

I have 3 capes salted trying to dry.
I have had them salted for several weeks. They will not dry out.I have put a fan on them and they are starting to dry a little. It is very humid here in East Texas. Will these capes be ok or will the hair slip.I can pull on the hair and they are locked in place. One of these capes is very bloody and still has blood oozing out and dripping.I have them hanging up. I didnt know if i should have washed this cape before salting or not. Everyone seems to have a different method. Some wash before or after they salt the capes. Any help would be appreciated.

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Stop pulling...

This response submitted by Joe T on 01/06/2004. ( )

If you can build a box and put a dehumidifier in it to dry these capes in that would be the best. Put then in a controled enviroment (dryer then humid of coarse) with a fan on them and keep changing the salt. Your house would also work assuming you have your heat on at this time of year and don't use a humidifier in your house, but if you have a wife I'm sure this won't be an option.

Good luck...I had this same prob. with 3 WT capes this year and all came out fine!

blood dripping?

This response submitted by tlc on 01/06/2004. ( )

you stated that there is blood dripping from one of you capes?
did you rough flesh them? if a cape is properly rough fleshed there should be no blood left ...perhaps this is your problem

Not enough salt...

This response submitted by Paul on 01/06/2004. ( )

on your capes before you hung them to dry. I pile on the salt and any moisture that drips out is done after the first salting, the second gets the rest and is starting to harden allready. The salt pulls out the blood and moisture so no more should be dripping out. Either that or you have way to much humidity in the air and the salt is absorbing it into the cape.

Bloody cape

This response submitted by troy on 01/06/2004. ( )

If the hir side is extremely wet with blood rinse it off, let drain, then roll in towel to dry as much as possible, taking care to do this as quick as possible. Once damp dry, turn and salt, put on incline to dry. Has worked for me in Eastern Oklahoma.

get a dehumidifier

This response submitted by paul on 01/07/2004. ( )

in humid damp conditions, the salt will draw moistier from the air onto your capes, get a large refridgerator or washer box from an appliance dealer, you can hang your capes over a pole or stick supported by something,( saw horses etc. ) place the box over top.
cut a opening the size of the front of the dehumidifier and place it there. turn it on. bingo in two days your capes will be copletely dry

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