Tanning for mounts?

Submitted by Mark on 01/02/2004. ( )

Do animals need to be tan for mounts. How would you dry and stretch a animal for a lifesize mount or would you even do that. Help would be apprecitated.

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This response submitted by norm on 01/02/2004. ( )

well, you especially need to tan for mounts. and well, yes you dry them all in the salting process, but you have to go through the whole tanning process, sending them out or not, you have to tan them one way or another, mount them tanned and wet, not hard and dry, imagine putting a sock on your foot, that is rock hard, flat. not gonna happen. so you have to tan and rehydrate in order to mount an animal. hope this shed some light, a bit.lol

Mark, your question can't be answered.

This response submitted by George on 01/02/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

Norm gave you a GOOD answer, but it's not the only one and I sense you are a beginner. You need to do a whole lot of reading and looking at videos before you can answer that question to yourself sufficiently.

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