Coyote - salt drying time

Submitted by Kristi on 01/02/2004. ( )

I'm usually doing whitetail, but I thought I'd try a coyote. Greasy little doggies huh?! I can also detect the "yote" smell everyone's talking about. It's not rancid, but definetely an odor. Anyway, I got him fleshed and salted 2 nights ago, then I resalted him last night. Tonight I expected the skin to be more dry, or at least firming up, but it's not. Usually by now, my whitetail hides are getting hard. I guess I'll put the fan on him. We did have some rain yesterday and humidity is high.

Do yotes take longer to salt dry than whitetail? I thought that since their skin is thinner, they would take less time.

Should I resalt a 3rd time or do anything different?

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Just double Salt & dry!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/02/2004. ( )

No need to Salt him 3 times - by the 2nd salting there's plenty of salt absorbed by the skin. The problem now is to dry him! A fan may do it - but by far a Dehumidifier works best! Even an air conditioner will dry out the air. Or - move him temporarily to some unit of your house or shop thats normally dry or has gas heat. Gas Heat air is usually very dry. In my shop they dry within about 5-6 days after hanging them open. They dry much faster than WTs!

Progress... I hope!

This response submitted by Kristi on 01/04/2004. ( )

Thanks for the feedback. We're at day 3 now and the coyote's firming up a tiny bit. I had the air conditioner AND the heater going in the shop - my husband thought I'd gone nuts!

Humidity has been at 65-75% with temps at 75 degrees the last few days. This is supposed to be January! Tonight the cold front has hit and it's back to normal.

If he's not completely dry in the next few days, should I move him to the pickle (I use safety acid)?

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