some hairslippage info

Submitted by Dave h on 01/07/2004. ( )

I have had a tough time this year with loose hair on my capes after tanning. I have changed several things in my procedure since and here is some of what i've found. I was salting and rolling my hides up. I have now been salting and leaving them unrolled skin side out on an incline and they are hardening up much faster. I also have started using stop rot. i brush it on as the green hides are thawing out before i begin fleshing. It really seems to work good. When a guy brings in a head with the whole hide and it's frozen, the hide thaws out a day and a half before the head, this was part of my problem. The stop rot can be put on the hide and you can wait on the head to thaw.

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This response submitted by sean on 01/07/2004. ( )

thanks dave for sharing. I haven't had any problems with capes loosing hair when in my control but as you stated sometimes they are frozen and that bottom half just sits there all day exsposed to any and all elements. The stop rot sounds like a winner.

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