pickles in your sewage system

Submitted by danny on 01/03/2004. ( )

i live in the country and have our own septic system , will it hurt to put the pickles ,etc. with all that salt in it down the drain will hurt the system , and will the salt kill the grass on top of the ground

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think it might

This response submitted by possumking on 01/03/2004. ( )

Any anti-bacterial in your septic is not a good idea. As far as I know the septic works on bacteria breaking down the "matter" in the system. If you kill the bacteria you will soon be calling the septic cleaning people. As far as salt in the grass. Oh yeah and it will take 2 years to return. I still have some bald spots in my yard from this. I figured the rain would wash it away, which it does, but unfortunatly the grass will go with it. Although it would cut back on the mowing this summer if you did the whole yard in it!

be careful...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/04/2004. ( )

Many towns and counties have rules regarding disposal of waste salt.


This response submitted by Randy on 01/05/2004. ( )

NO it is a very bad idea. The acids can damage the concrete tank very bad, bad enough to require it to be replaced. The acids, salts and bactericides cna also cause serious damage to the drain fields. Don't do it. I know from experience.

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