Rittels lg ez-tan kit

Submitted by joe on 01/07/2004. ( jj20@adelphia.net )

anybody know how many hides such as coon,fox ,coyote ect.this kit can tan approx.and would i need to order anything else to do the job?(degreaser,ph strips,oils,ect...)thanks

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This response submitted by paul bunyan on 01/07/2004. ( )

It depends on what your tanning. raccoons boar and such you need degreaser but some others like deer and and such you can get away with dawn liquid. You have to weigh your skins and mix your tan accordingly(sp). As for your pickle salt and saftee acid is all you'll need, oh and ph test strips. hope this helped


This response submitted by joe on 01/07/2004. ( )

paul,do you know approx.how amny this kit can tan

It will do........................!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/08/2004. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

The EZ-4000 Kit will do 4 average sized WT Deer skins. It contains Saftee Acid, our EZ-100 Tanning agent and our ProPlus Tanning Oil. All you would need in addition to the Kit is Salt and Baking Soda. And maybe a degreasing agent - like our Super Solvent degreaser if you were doing greasy skins.

Based on the fact that it will do the 4 skins - and an average WT Deer skin weighs about 8 Lbs. - then it would handle 32 Lbs. of wet drained skins. If the average weight of your Fox skins is around 2 Lbs. then the Kit would have the capacity to do 16 of them.

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