Spewing all over

Submitted by BOWGULL on 01/03/2004. ( BOWGULL@YAHOO.COM )

Ok after making my new years resolutions I have decided to spew! No. 1 is that I will not procrastinate anymore. I've been trying to get around to posting this..LOL seriously heres the deal.
If you are a beginner LEARN TO READ INSTRUCTIONS! if you buy a product do what it says and don't 2nd guess it! Period, don't whine on here about this and that shut the hell up and do what the paperwork says! most of the products will do what they say your not a special case.
# 2 There are no rules for mounting anything! I've read enough on here to see that you can mount a raw cape and sell it to a customer and still call it taxidermy.
# 3 Salting a hide before pickle is not necessary. If you are a beginner and instructions say to do it, do it. Ive done enough hides to see no difference in the leather when complete
# 4 paint on tans without pickle process or even with process, I have to say this is iffy at best. Do you really believe its leather? Maybe the 1st centimeter of hide maybe this is why I keep hearing slippage problems with drying mounts If your hide has been properly tanned and turned into leather its not going to slip..bacteria excuse aint cutting it.
# 5 DP works and from what I have read on here about tanning techniques at least the hide has been preserved.
# 6 Maybe one day there will be a standard for skin preservation for mounts,rugs and whatever. Until that day you will never get rid of the $125 a deer shoulder mount down the road. So until that day comes there always be powder jockys and paint brush jockeys,spray jockeys etc etc. no standards no rules.
# 7 GET PAID! GET PAID GET PAID! don't give your time up for free!
no brother inlaw jobs,friends etc. Every other person that sells his time gets paid! You should to, You cut your price on one project you just cut your rate for all projects. They have the money they really do don't be a begger.
# 8 These are just some of my thoughts and opinions and like everything else it really doesn't seem to matter much.

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Blowgull, I'm glad you feel better

This response submitted by George on 01/03/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

But I DO have a few questions. If paint on tans aren't what they're supposed to be, how can you say DP IS? And you say DON'T use salt before the pickle, but then say the paint ons have to be pickled. Hmmmm. Very strange since the salt removes the moisture from the hide so the paint-on can be sucked back into the cell structures. Guess that takes us back to your #2 all over again.

Guess it's #2

This response submitted by Virgil on 01/03/2004. ( )

Sorry about your shoes Gowbull, anyway looks like another "Rookie Bashing Moment" here on the ".net"

Thank you George for the confirmation of the JRTS system I intend to use it w/a few modifications. Yes I will definitly SALT my capes.

By the way where can you get those "Spewing Gowbull" forms? I'd like to get the inverted pose in extra large. L@#$%OL!

Ill take #3

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/04/2004. ( )

You salt hides and you dont have any problems. I like the logic, though...doing it both ways with no noticeable difference. Try this, you guys. The NEW rule #3...you do NOT have to look both ways before crossing the road. Ive done it both ways and not been hit yet! Its the one time it DOESNT work that keeps us doing it... Salt your skins before pickling, look both ways before crossing...and bowgull, happy new year.

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