Rehydrating air dried fox and coyote hides for tanner

Submitted by Griz Sarnese on 01/08/2004. ( )

Have some coyote and fox hides a trapper dropped off.The hides have been air dried on stretchers.What do I use to rehydrate the hides so I can get them in my pressure tanner?They have been dried for a couple of months.Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Rittles Relax-r

This response submitted by K on 01/08/2004. ( [][][][][][][] )

works good for me, use it all the time. And you can really hasten the process by doing it in the auto tanner,add a touch of bacteriacide if you're doing it in a bucket or pail. I've found that Steve Rotramels *Bucktan scour relaxes quite well to. I used to use *Enzol B {?} but had to pay too close attention. I absolutely swear by both Bruce Rittles Relax-R and Steve's scour on salted or African {or any other for that matter} air drieds. Oh, I think Steve recommends a handful of salt with his scour, give him a call

that's TOO as in also

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not "to" as written. Apologies

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