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Submitted by paul pennie on 01/11/2004. ( )

I am looking for some advice on a mountain goat that has been wet tanned the hair is a yellow color,can it be bleached white or washed until it is clean?I dont know if the yellow color is from blood on the hide before tanning or that is just the natural color of the hair?also what could I wash the hair with too make it clean and fluffy for the lack of a better word?HELP!

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Gotta bleach them

This response submitted by George on 01/11/2004. ( )

Here's the recipe. You'll need:
Rubber gloves
1 Can Basic White bleaching agent
1 Gallon 30% peroxide (preferably the gelled)
1 Gallon good hair conditioner

Take your hide outside and lay it hair side up. Mix the bleach as described on the containers. Mix enough to cover the entire skin. Wet the hide with a hose and push the excess water out of it like a squeegee. With your hands, massage the bleach all over the entire hide. If you don't you'll end up with spots.

Let it set for 20 minutes. NO MORE. Then wash it off with a hose. See if the finished product is what you want. If it's not, repeat this same process, BUT ONLY ONCE MORE. Any more than that, you endanger the hair becoming brittle and breaking off.

Wash it off completely and then take the conditioner and massage it into the hair. Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it out. Then spin dry your hide in a washing machine for 2 full cycles. Then mount. When complete, blow dry your hide as you back brush it. The inner wool will fluff up nicely and the guard hairs will stick up like porcupine quills for a beautiful effect.

One more thing

This response submitted by John on 01/11/2004. ( )

I hate to add something to one of Georges post's, usually hes very presice But the hide will turn orange before it turns white at least it did in my case, and you will think that you just ruined it,you didn't, just do what George said and it will be fine. Scared the hell out of me on my first one LOL.

How big a can off basic white bleaching agent?

This response submitted by bob on 01/12/2004. ( )

Thank`s for the receipe!


This response submitted by George on 01/12/2004. ( )

I usually buy the standard size with is about a quart, I suppose. Most times a single use only requires 2 to 4 scoops of the magnesium carbonate powder, so it you want to buy a smaller quantity, it should be sufficient.

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