recipe for tanning containing sulfuric acid

Submitted by Yvonne Pender on 01/11/2004. ( )

I am seeking the recipe for the tanning bath containing sulfuric acid.

It is a recipie I have used with great success in the past (35 year ago) and wish to do some skins again but have lost the book which had the recipie. Can any one help me out.

The book would be over 40 years old, and I think it was an American publication so any oldtimes out there have you got it in your files?

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Yvonne, Time to move forward

This response submitted by George on 01/11/2004. ( )

Thirty five years ago, I thought I was God's gift to women. Today I accept the fact that I shoulda been using the brain God gave me instead of those other body parts and I'd have been a helluva lot happier. Sulfuric acid is crap for tanning by todays standards. Forgetaboutit. There are too many better, safer products out there now

here's my formula

This response submitted by maxwell on 01/11/2004. ( )

1oz. LIQUID FIRE, 1lb. salt, 1 gallon water. LIQUID FIRE is sulphuric acid.

we used to call it instant pickle

This response submitted by Dennis on 01/12/2004. ( )

I mean you mix it up with that formula and drop in your capes wahla, instant pickle. I have to tell you george it is the greatest thing to use on wild boar. 'bout all we use it on anymore tho'

LOL Dennis

This response submitted by George on 01/12/2004. ( )

You're probably right. I don't think ANYTHING can screw up a boar hide. LOL

instant pickle

This response submitted by Yvonne Pender on 01/12/2004. ( )

Well thanks for these comments gentleman Dennis please eamil me direct and George it is boar, goat, kid, Thar and possum skins and slinky for handbag trade I was involved with and am keen to get back into it with these skins again. Here in New Zealand we do not have most of the products you are able to procure but acid is something I have ready access to along with wooden barrels and would prefer to stick with the known if only I could get the correct formula. Grandmothers remedies are often the most efficient!
Cheers Yvonne

My apologies, Yvonne

This response submitted by George on 01/12/2004. ( )

I know, just like an American, huh? OK, I relent. Here it is.

Most of the old recipes called for a pound of salt to be dissolved into a gallon of soft water. The carefully, 1 oz. of H2SO4 was added. Extreme care was taken to pour the acid in the water (never the other way as acid will react violently if water is poured into it). You always take your pH reading and 1 oz to every 2 gallons was usually sufficient to bring the pH down to 1 to 1.5. I always like the pickle "hot", but some tend to think 1.5 to 2.5 is OK. You'll have to go on your own gut feelings on that one.

Good luck.

tanning recipe

This response submitted by Laurier on 01/13/2004. ( )

45 gallons of water
45 lbs salt
1 litter ( FORMIC ACID )
2 lbs alum

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