Regarding the free samples of Shrink-Tonic

Submitted by Glen Conley on 01/12/2004. ( )

Glen Conley or

For those of you who responded by e-mail to the earlier post in the "Tanning Section" called "Cape shrink revisited", your samples will be sent out tomorrow.

If you missed the post which was about addressing the problem of capes that shrink during the tanning process, Rick responded with his results after he used Shrink-Tonic. You may find it interesting.

For those who have ever experienced this problem, I encourage you to read the post and visit the links to see if Shrink-Tonic might work for you. If you think it will, the free sample offer is still valid through this week.

Thanks for your interest, and thank you, Rick, for sharing your experience with Shrink-Tonic.
Glen Conley

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Would like to get sample?

This response submitted by Ronnie thomas on 01/12/2004. ( )

I would like to try your product cant get e-mail to work.Please e- mailme so i can give you my address thanks!

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