about freezing

Submitted by The Chris Ricketts on 01/09/2004. ( )

ok my experts tell me this ok, tomorra i am going to a deer processing facility and i am going to get about 5 deer skins cause this is my first time doing this and i figure get a few cause im sure i'll screw this up the first couple times but here is my question i was wondering can i just take the skin and stick it in a bag and freeze it till i have enough time to really sit down and take my time doing this if not tell me what i need to do before doing sticking it in the ice box thanks

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That will work

This response submitted by BOWGULL on 01/09/2004. ( )

Just freeze it right away.


This response submitted by The Chris Ricketts on 01/09/2004. ( )

thank you thats really good news thanks for the info

hey another question

This response submitted by The Chris Ricketts on 01/09/2004. ( )

how long can i keep this frozen before it will be too old to tan

Don't roll in a ball

This response submitted by Shann on 01/10/2004. ( davistaxidermy@hotmail.com )

be sure to lay the hides out flat in deep freezer. When they get really cold but not froze roll them in a ball starting with the face first and tuck the ears in. This will help to keep the ears from freezer burning if you don't get to them for awhile. You and also roll them long ways like a cigar. I prefer to double bag mine and zip tye with a tag. I put measurements, date killed, quality (pretty markings, torn ear) and what ever else on the tag. In the future when you have lots of hides this will help a LOT! Hope this helps.

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This response submitted by rc on 01/10/2004. ( )

The next issue will have an in-depth article on freezing.

flesh 1'st

This response submitted by roger on 01/23/2004. ( )

All advice is good in this,and the question befor this one. But no one has mintion fleshing all meat off,and give it a bacteria wash thin do like Shann sade.

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