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Submitted by Fox Ears on 01/13/2004. ( )

Here's a good one for Stop-Rot users.

I got in a large order of foxes. They were fresh frozen and I thought they were fleshed.

Make a very long story short, I injected feet and ears with 50% Stop Rot/50% tap water in pickling phase, to aid in preserving and ear turning, stop slipping, and make cartilage easier to remove.

A few days later, when the foxes were losing all their hair during tanning and drying, the spots they lost NO hair? Feet and ears!

A WEEK later, when the pelts were mostly dry and still shedding, the ears and toes remained fully lifelike and pliable.
The toes smelled bad but they didn't slip.
Ears were totally non-smelly and great. The ears felt "alive".

To date, the best part of these foxes is their perfect ears and toes.

I am very happy with Stop-Rot when it is injected into a pelt.

It doesn't seem to work as well when applied like "rubbed in" - all the fox bellies I applied it to still slipped, same with wolf ears and cat belly, but when injected, that stuff really works 110%! It works better than injecting pickle, for stopping slippage!

It has no odor.

I recommend it to all.

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