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Submitted by chuck on 01/13/2004. ( )

i did not get the bald spot until i was sewing up the y-insicion so the hide is already on the mannikin, also do you measure the cape after you tan for the mannikin? cause i didnt and i am running into the problem of the hides fitting really tight, i think i am fleshing it thin enough but it still seems the neck and everything below that is just a little too big, i dont want to sound stupid john but is this an occurence that happens to everybody, or is there something i am not doing? well thanks for your response to my last question i appreciated that, it is hard trying to learn this by just wingin it and jumping in with both feet but you sure make it a little easier thaks again man. later,chuck.

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I test fit the cape before tanning.

This response submitted by John C on 01/13/2004. ( )

I keep a 19,21,23 inch form on hand. I test it on each form as needed.

I then use the next one inch smaller form.

I have also had some older bucks let out and go one or more inches larger.

Be very carefull not to over tan, you can run a hide to long in the tanner.

If you cannot adjust the hide to cover the spot, make it look like a scar.

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