Another Auto-Tanner Question

Submitted by AT on 01/11/2004. ( )

Is it possible to get the benefits of the auto-tanner without putting it in to motion?

Such as: I put the solution in, I put the skins in, I stir, then I seal it shut, and pressurize it. Then I set an egg timer or something for the recommended amount of time.
I do not start the timer on the machine and the drum does not rotate.

Will the skins still be "power pickled" and "fast tanned"?
Can I still save an iffy cape this way?

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NO, the tumbling is what works the solution into the hide

This response submitted by John C on 01/11/2004. ( )

It may penetrait the surface but but will not treat the inner part of the hide.


This response submitted by Static Vats on 01/11/2004. ( )

Then how do static vats, which get 0-2 stirs per day, work?

They dont do the pickling and tanning in two hours.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/11/2004. ( )

Auto-Tanner does work, increase the speed of working by days.

The pickling alone can day several days and the tanning too.

The tumbling works the hide and the pressure squeezes the body fluids out, as the hide tumbles this allow the skin to suck the solution into it, replacing the body fluids with chemicals.

As you should think about this with a static vat, what works the fluids into the hides? It sit there for day, the reason you are stiriing is to make sure the cape is totally exposed to the chemical fluids. Slow procces when compared to the Auto Tanner.

Any Used Auto Tanners?

This response submitted by Judy Candage on 02/03/2004. ( )

I am looking for a used Auto tanner. Any out there?
I live in New England.


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