Submitted by chuck on 01/16/2004. ( )

can any one tell me how to fix the cape or pulled spot under the antler burr, it pulled down and now is dry and leaves an area that is uncovered i thought i made sure when i sewed up the y-insicion that i pulled it tight but it keeps sagging around the burrs what am i doing wrong? any help is more than appreciated, thank you.

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I super glue the hair

This response submitted by joe on 01/16/2004. ( )

try super glueing it into position, sometimes it is a tight sueeze, but it always stays put! Just a thought

Try this!

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 01/16/2004. ( )

Not sure, but it sounds like you may be starting your first stitch at the back of the antler. Try making that first stitch in the hide at the front of the antler burr and then bringing the thread around the back of the burr to the other side towards the front. Then keep stitching your way back. This really snugs up the hide around the burr. Plus, put some hide paste under that area to hold it down.

To fix what you have, you can put some epoxy sculpt in the gap and press some hair into that area to cover the gap.

Too late to latch the gate?

This response submitted by George on 01/16/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

Chuck, I'm assuming your horse is already out of the corral. If you mount is dry, try this. Take clear silicone and put a thin layer in the gap. Reaching back behind the mannikin, pinch a small amount of hair and snip it off. Then imbed it into the silicone under the burr. Never mind that it's too long or too light. Continue to do this until your gap is filled with transplanted hair. Once you have it full, GENTLY brush across it with your hand so the hair is swirled in the correct direction of the existing hair patterns. Let dry. When dry, come back with your scissors and clip the ends to match the existing hair. It'll be somewhat darker than it was and most times, matches up very will with the real stuff. Good luck.

Take Apoxie sculpt and build the antler burr.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/16/2004. ( )

Hey that happenes to every one once in a while.

The easist and best way I have found is to take Apoxie Sculpt and fill the bare area in , sculpt it back with a paint brush add a bit of stain wipe the excess off. You are done in 4-5 minutes.

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