Submitted by chuck on 01/16/2004. ( )

has any body ever put an albino groundhog in the auto-tanner? can you?, and will it clean the blood out of the hair? thanks

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Better wash the blood out first.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/16/2004. ( )

I would wash the blood as best I could then use a bottle of 3% peroxide on it, that normally will remove all blood and stains


This response submitted by Albino on 01/16/2004. ( )

White furs should always have the blood removed, and should not be stretched on wire.

To wash out the blood, you can use Epo-Grip bloodout/degreaser (never worked for me but others swear by it), or peroxide 3%, or a mixture of peroxide 3% and Wisk (an iron stain remover).

The last point is very important because on a white animal, even if you get all the blood out, the heme molecule in the hemoglobin released during the hemolysis (blood cells breaking) during washing can leave an iron stain. Heme contains iron. So do wire stretchers, which can leave the same stains. This will look like an ugly brown spot. So put some Wisk on it.

You can get Wisk at the grocery store. Apparently. I can't find it at mine.

Hope that helped.

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