Tanning method question

Submitted by Sheldon on 01/20/2004. ( thunder1968@hotmail.com )

I have a question about using the Liqua tan method. Is this an appropiate way of using liqua tan? Method is as follows-
1-flesh, turning ears,lips and nose ,removing all red meat
2-salt 24 hrs
3-resalt 24hrs
4-lightly shake off ,hang to harden
5-re-hydrate in room temp warm water,kermal 4 , germacide for 6 hrs
6-touch up flesh
7-put in salt brine for 2 hours
8-rinse well, spin dry and towel off
9-apply warm liqua tan ,leave overnight skin to skin
Basically I am concerned about maximum stretch and quality of tan. Thank you for taking the time to reply. This forum is a valuable tool, thanks to the organizers.

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Why all the salt?

This response submitted by George on 01/20/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

Is that what the directions call for? IMHO, one 24 hour salting is more than sufficient. If you are tanning immediately afterwards, that "hardening" is stupid as you're simply going to have to rehydrate for nothing. Then you omit the salt saturation bath as well. I think the hardening was intended for hides that weren't intended to be tanned for some time. I still send hides to the tannery that are still pliable and have never had any problems. Once the salt removes the water, extra salting is just for esthetics.

I didn't see where

This response submitted by MarkC on 01/20/2004. ( )

you were pickling the hide. As far as I know, you still need to pickle it to properly prepare it.

Old way

This response submitted by Sheldon on 01/20/2004. ( )

I am told that the pickel is not necessary. What im told may not be correct. But I have no problem doing a pickel either.Better safe than sorry.
Actually I usually tan the animal immediately as you (george) say.The animal was frozen head and all, so I thawed it and fleshed it, thinking I could use a form on hand I was pretty sure would fit."wrong". So I salted and let dry and ordered the correct size,10 day wait(NB Canada)After doing so I see where it free"s up alot of freezer space.So I am considering doing this all the time.Do you recommend it or is the "fresh hide" the way to go? Thanks to all


This response submitted by paul smith on 01/20/2004. ( )

order some krowtann2000, its a great product and you can get to the more important things in your shop rather then checking ph every couple hours.

Paul, did you ever use LiquiTan?

This response submitted by George on 01/21/2004. ( )

Obviously not. You don't have to go through all that goat rope of waiting 3 days with it.

Sheldon, I'd never let it dry hard. Once I salted it overnight, I'd rinse it off, Liquitan it and then put it in the freezer until your form gets there. That rehydrating step is completely unnecessary. And it's a WHOLE lot cheaper than Paul's suggestion.

Freezing Cape

This response submitted by Sheldon on 01/21/2004. ( )

Can you briefly describe your suggested method using liqua tan. Can I freeze the liqua tan cape, thaw and mount or is some sort of rehydration necessary?
What I am trying to do is find a way to get a couple capes prepared so they will be ready for mounting on the weekend. Possibily prepare one weekend and mount the next. I am a everyday working guy(taxidermy is a hobby). I have mounted many (40 or 50) deer and have learned a great amount here on Taxidermy Net , and enjoy reading all the informatitive things people like you share ,thank you

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