rubber hide

Submitted by Dan on 01/22/2004. ( hasslehut )

I'm not new to tanning, however I screwed up on a lutan-f tanned hide,...I rehydrated in water with no salt and "poof" instant car tire, Has anyone found a way to reverse this condition? couldn't find an answer in the orange pages, Thanks,...Dan.

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Did you try salt water?

This response submitted by John C on 01/22/2004. ( )

This is a case of true acid swelling. Try soaking a few hours in salt water, if that dont work, BAKING SODA and water brushed on may help.

Let us know and watch it close when you brush on the baking soda and water.


This response submitted by Dan on 01/23/2004. ( )

Thanks John, I refroze that hide for now. I am going to purposely rubberize some of my scraps and experiment around with a cure, starting with what you suggested, Ill let you know if successfull and write something for the archives

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