Fungus/Mange on deer

Submitted by Steve Wallace on 01/24/2004. ( )

Looking for advise. I have recieved several deer with an orange color skin fungus (all around mouth, nose, ears, eyes) from one area in Wayne Co,TN to the point some of the hair is actually missing. I sent a picture to the wildlife biologist in AL and they said it appears to be the mange but they are not sure what kind of bacteria without further diagnosis. My question is, Is there any thing that can be done to stop the hair from coming out of these capes? I am pickeling, shaving, and tanning the capes and did notice some areas around the lower jaw line where the hair is loose. The customers did notice the orange color but did not realize what it was. So, is there anything I can do to help acheive a good looking mount with a mangy cape?

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pait, hair transplant

This response submitted by David Tegtmeier on 01/27/2004. ( )

if the hair does fall out just either try to cover it up after mounting with paint of the same color as the rest of the surrounding are, or take hair from other areas but pulling it out and glue it in place at the point of missing hair, never tried this my self but have heard it works but takes alot of time.

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