Removing hair from a tanned deer hide

Submitted by Russ on 01/23/2004. ( )

I could not find anything helpful in the archives.
I have a commercially tanned whitetail hide about 4 years old and
the hair has been broken off badly in places and I was wondering if
it would be possible to remove the hair without destroying the tan.
Essentially make buckskin in reverse.
thanks for any info.

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Next to impossible!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/23/2004. ( )

What makes it difficult is that when you dehair a skin - you also remove the epidermal layer that holds the roots of the hair too! That's how they get that nice smooth leather. Once it's been tanned - the epidermis would have to sanded off. The best you could expect was a 2 sided suede skin.

To remove the hair - simply cut and/or shave it off. Then sand the hair side to remove that outer layer.

Lots of work ahead of you!


This response submitted by thoughts on 01/27/2004. ( )


Nair - a hair remover for the upper lips and legs of women


Lye-Water soak for 7-10 days with deliberate water swell and lime blast


Using a commercial pet hair trimmer which you can get on eBay for like $15, using a size 40 surgical blade, I bet you could have that deer skin shorn in a matter of minutes. We used to be able to shave an entire cat belly for spay in about 45 seconds with an Oster Golden A5 (about $100).

Then you can clamp the skin and sand it down.

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