Lutan F

Submitted by David C on 01/24/2004. ( )

I am tanning a fox with lutan f. Following the instructions, and weighing the skin, it is taking 1 gallon of water for the mix. I used the smallest tub that have but the one gallon of water is only about 3/4 inch deep. I would like to have the fox sitting in more water. Is it okay to double up the tanning mix, so there is more depth to the water?

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This response submitted by roger on 01/24/2004. ( )

you will only wast it,and could cause stifness.get yourself a 5gal. our smaller bucket,and stir more often.

Double or nothing

This response submitted by Hogger on 01/25/2004. ( )

Sorry, have to disagree with Roger. I see nothing wrong with doubling your amount providing you do it proportionately. 2 gal water, 4 ounces Lutan is what I would do. So what if you "waste" 2 more ounces of Lutan. The skin gets more soak and you don't have to be checking it to stir so much. If time is money then the 2 ounces will be worth the cost savings in time. I don't see how you'll get more stiffness out of doubling up your mix unless you double up on Lutan and not water? I don't know about that? Maybe Roger can learn me on that one.


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