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Submitted by Sheldon on 01/29/2004. ( )

I had a couple dry salted deer capes (turned,fleshed). Put them in a rehydrating bath consisting of salt (2 lbs per gal), germicide and kermal 4, after 7 hrs seemed still stiff, took out touched up fleshing on face and re-entered a new (clean) bath same as before except less salt to help the rehydrating (0.5 lb per gal) but this time I left overnite. Total hrs in bath is 19 hrs. I checked the PH of the bath for fun ,it was 7.2. What-cha ya think?
Thank you to all who reply

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7.2 is neutral and you are going to slip the hair.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/30/2004. ( )

You are pushing your luck rehydrating the hides @ 7.2 check your tap water it will be 7.2-7.8 hey fish bite best at that pH.

I would put them in the pickle now.

John C

This response submitted by Sheldon on 01/30/2004. ( )

I know you should pickle at 2.5 or so, in the rehydrating bath(overnite) should I be concerned about ph,and how do I lower it, without actually starting the pickle process?
P.S- Dont much matter what PH the fish bite , I still couldnt catch my dinner if my life depended on it..LOL......Here in New Brunswick the fishing aint all that great, Just bass and perch and a >FEW< salmon. Got some good bucks thou... thanks

Don't add salt:

This response submitted by Brian on 01/30/2004. ( )

Sheldon, When rehydrating dry salted skins delete the salt. Salt impedes the rehydration process. Depending how long the skin has been dry determines how long it takes to rehydrate. In most cases, if it is a freshly salted cape it will only take 1 to 2 hours to soften. I generally don't rehydrate more than 6 hours before getting it into a pickle. You can add some bacteriacide in your soak to control bacteria. Good luck Brian

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