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Submitted by Bill on 01/27/2004. ( )

I am getting ready to buy a auto tanner and have read the archives.The question I have is I see several different formulas and ways to use them.I am going to use tanning crystals . Is this all you use in the tanner( water,air) because I have read that some people use ez 100 mixed with crystals is this true ? PLEASE someone help.Thanks Bill

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This response submitted by Jack F on 01/28/2004. ( )

I am far from the expert about the auto tanner but I can offer you what I have found that works best for me. I like to use ez100 with the tanning crystals that come with the machine on all my deer capes. I get great stretch they shave realy well and the capes are nice and white when done. But all you need is the crystals to get great results. I like to oil after the tanning this way it saves a big mess in the machine. Starting with a good handled raw cape. You flesh and turn everything get off as much as you can and thin the lips as thin as possible at this time. I take one gal. hot water around 108 deg. and mix one pound by wieght of tanning crytals in the machine. Place the cape skin side out in a pile in the middle of the tanning machine do not lay it out length ways it will bunch up on you. Place the cover on and preasurize to 50 pds. set the timer to just past two hours and wait. When the machine has stopped rotating let the preasure off take the cape out. I like to wring as much water out as I can and then I hang the cape to drip for about 10 min. Save the solution you drain from the cape you need this to put back in the machine. I then shave the cape really thin and thin the lips and nose pad and the eyes. Then I take a 1/3 measuring cup of ez100 powder and mix this with the original solution in the machine. I then place the cape back in the machine for another two hours. After the two hours is up I take out the cape rinse and drain really well then I oil with the arrow head oil that comes with the Tanner. Then invert back to hair side out place in the frig. over night. The next day you can mount or freeze untill ready to mount. Good luck if you have any other questions you could email me and I will try and help you. Jack F

Arrowhead Crystals

This response submitted by ty on 01/28/2004. ( )

I have a auto-tanner and I use to use the origanal crystals and the ez100. I then tried the arrowhead crystals with a capful of the scourer and it works awesome. the hides come up with nice stretch, soft and white as ever. I haven't tried the ez100 with these crystals yet, but then again, I don't think I need to. these crystals are a little more expensive about $2.00 a pound, but you don't need the other stuff with it either. If I was you experiment with it and find what works the best for you, for me I like it simple, plus the arrowhead crystals already come in 1 lb individual bags.

Thanks guys!

This response submitted by Bill on 01/28/2004. ( )

Thank you guys for the info.It will be very helpful.This forum is great,I would be LOST without it.Have a great day! BILL

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