Tannig deer hides

Submitted by Terry Bunton on 02/01/2004. ( smashbunton@hotmail.com )

I bought a Lutan F tanning kit but It does't have instructions. I don't know how much to use or how long to soak the hides.

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This response submitted by Wildwood on 02/01/2004. ( )

What supplier did you by this from? They all should include instructions. I hope you know how to salt and pickle then neuterlize before tanning.If your tanning a whole hide I would use 7gal. water, 14oz. of lutan F, 3 1/2 lb. salt. Soak cape for 18 hrs. Then rinse, oil and streched and broke. Please use the search button to get far more info on tanning.

Same thing here...

This response submitted by Christina Jones on 02/01/2004. ( iluvnails@aol.com )

I just wanted to say I bought Lutan F last week as well (Van Dykes), and it came with no instructions as well....got em off the search though :)


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